Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Into My Cottage

The snow was melted from clear around the door to the cottage today so I went out there and just enjoyed it for a while. I brought some pink Easter eggs out there and arranged them in a pretty plate and held Rascal on my lap. He loves to meditate there with me. Spring is coming. It really is. It just feels like it. My sister reminds me that all this snow is green grass and flowers.

God bless you, Diane

P. S. This was last Tuesday (March 30th)


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Wow Diane... Spring really is coming!!! I'm so glad you got to go out into your little cottage today.. I know you LOVED every minute of that...

Have a great day tomorrow.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

I am so glad you were able to enjoy your cottage for a while.Hopefully the weather keeps on improving.

Jill said...

Wow, so much snow..it looks so pretty but the problem is there should be grass and spring flowers outside by now.It seems the weather is very unstable everywhere this year.
I hope today it continues to melt and is all gone by Easter.

Jayne said...

Quite a different view now! So glad you were able to get out there for a bit and enjoy the peace. :c)

Leedra said...

The cottage sounds like a nice quiet place for you. Glad you were able to get there, can see you couldn't a week ago.

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Denise said...

Easter is Easter even with snow on the ground....... So glad that you got out some........although you got to hide those eggs WELL..... they will just stand out on that white!