Saturday, April 4, 2009

Angel of the Snow

We're being blasted with more snow, probably another foot so far. This little angel wears a crown and holds her beautiful bubble and waits for the day when the sphere will reflect flowers and greenery.
Enjoy the weekend and Palm Sunday.
God bless you, Diane


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Poor you ---and poor little angel... I'm sure you are ALL tired of the snow. I think that is the system that is supposed to bring us really cold weather on Monday...yuk!!!

Have a great Sunday!!!!

Jayne said...

What a sweet statue/gazing ball. Hate that you all are being socked in by yet more snow Diane. Spring WILL be coming soon. Have a beautiful day!

Denise said...

My goodness...... Your weather is really terrible lately........ I will pray for you sunshine!

Denise said...

BUT......... That is a beautiful picture !

Bird World Blog said...

Cool blog!