Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Yesterday we had a blizzard and it raged it's way east and south. We were really just on the fringe of it. Today it was sunny and the snow was melting. Tomorrow we're supposed to have another storm. That's spring around here. These robins were trying to ride out the storm.
Hope you've been having/or will have a beautiful day.
God bless you, Diane


Deborah@ The Painted Nest said...

Diane, Thank-you so much for the visit and the sweet comment.I looked for your followers list and you don't have one, so I guess I'll add you to my links so I don't loose you~I like to keep up with what my friends are doing~and stop in for visits myself! Have a blessed week sweet new friend, Deborah

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh Diane, Now that it's warmer here and the flowers are starting to bloom, I cannot even imagine having a blizzard this time of year. Glad you were on the 'edge' this time. Hopefully, the next one won't be bad either.

Have a great day tomorrow.

Jayne said...

Like Betsy, I can't even imagine a blizzard this time of year. Hope the coming storm is not too bad. Hang in there my friend. :c)

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Those Robins look pretty cold.Our weather here is much the same as yours.Right now I am waiting for the announcment of achool closures.I hope they do close it.