Monday, March 2, 2009


I'm writing this from a brand new computer. This afternoon I went to get on my old one and there was a sequence of events and That's all folks! Oh gosh! Now what? Anyway, without going any further, I had to get a new one and now I'll spend the rest of the week trying to reconstruct what was in my old one. I don't even have a picture to put on tonight. I wonder what's going to happen tomorrow. God bless you, Diane


Laurie said...

Hi Diane!
I hope you enjoy your new computer!! As for tomorrow, refer to your previous post! ;)
Bless You,

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

As I read this I sit here wondering when this computer will lay down and die.Hope not just yet.

Jill said...

It happens to all of us eventually Diane. Did you have your photos backed up on and external drive? I backup and backup again on 2 different ones.A new computer is good though so now you will be okay for a few years again. I know though that just setting it up and putting everything back on can take so much time....just do a little at a time.

Jill said...

I don't think my comment earlier went through. Anyway Diane it happens to all of us eventually. I hope you had all your photos backed up.A new computer is nice but can be a bit of work getting everything back on there. Just go slowly and you will get it done.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh Diane, I'm so sorry... Hope you can retrieve your stuff. We got external drives for our new computers --and it backs up in the background every hour (the entire computer).. That's a new mac feature. I love it...

You will LOVE the new computer though. Our new ones just FLY... SO FAST.. And the colors are so much better.

Good Luck.

Lisa Renéa said...

Wow! Diane, we are on a roll! LOL I have to laugh at it all! So glad your able to enjoy your new pc!