Friday, February 6, 2009

Sometimes Things Don't End Up Like You Planned

My husband took this picture a few days ago and for some reason I really like it.

Like many of you, I'm sure, all my working life I looked forward to the day I didn't have to get up and go to work. I daydreamed about being home when I was working, of having time to spend with my children, to hang my clothes on the line, and make chokecherry jelly, and to have my windows clean and sparkling. It was my dream. That's the way it was going to be when I could be, God willing, home.

Then I got home, and just about that time I ended up with a little Canon A550 Power Shot in my hand. Shortly after that I was stumbling around on the net and I ran across Daisy Cottage, and then Fabulous Fifi, and then I found Jayne at Journey Through Grace who graciously answered all of my questions about how do I do this blogging thing.

I haven't even started to make chokecherry jelly, my kids grew up, I have a good dryer, and my windows ..........oh, they do get cleaned sometimes. I'm so anxious to find out what's going on with all of you, and take pictures and have a life that I can photograph and journal. My life has become so much richer because of deep friendships with all of you. So you see what I mean? Sometimes life just doesn't turn out the way you planned. It has just got so much more wonderful.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Wow Diane, I thought you had been doing this blogging for a long time. You seem to be such a professional. I've blogged since 2006 (mostly family stuff)--but got a little discouraged because none of my friends or family would hardly ever read and NEVER comment on my blogs. That's when I found blogger. I started Blogger last October --and changed from my original blogsite to Blogger on Jan. 1st. It's WONDERFUL. I have met so many fabulous people --like you, and my life has been richly blessed.

I've never heard of chokecherry jelly--but it sounds delicious!!!!

Thanks for a wonderful post tonight. AND--I also love that picture..

Laurie said...

Here here Diane! I am in total agreement! Those in my family don't blog, and don't seem to get it. Without leaving the house, I have made more friends, discovered other lands, and have been touched by so many lives and lifestyles that I feel fulfilled. I now have a yearning to go to these different places, and someday meet some of you that have become such an important part of my life. Yeah the housework suffers sometimes, but the enrichment this has brought me makes up for it!

Jayne said...

What a great photo Diane! I love how you and Rascal are both enjoying the scenery. :c) Blogging has so enriched my life too and made our big world a good bit smaller as we all connect and share a bond no matter where we are. Priorities shift no doubt. Who wants to clean windows when you just spotted a life bird in the yard??? Have a beautiful day my friend.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Great post,Diane.I am still working,but have also had grand dreams of a spotless house and delicius food on the table.Well,guess what?Our house is clean enough to be healthy,but dirty enough to to be happy.My camera and the computer get more of my time than cleaning and cooking.So far no one has complained and for the most part life is good.

Denise said...

Amen girl , amen! Same here.. Love the blog and NO one from my family or friend here read my blog EVER! BUT the wonderful fab gals I have met have enriched my life soooooo much!

AND bless your heart..... you are right, we did not have the shelters or the law..... BUT God kept us in the shelter of HIS arms.... least we not be here today...........

I so love my Savior....

Kathy McCreedy said...

Hi Diane,
What incredibly lovely sentiments! Thank you for sharing your dreams and your reality... those are similar dreams to many working moms, I'm sure, and it's very, very interesting to see how it has all turned out for you. I like your sunny optimistic attitude, and obvious ability to find the silver lining. Thank you for sharing with all of us!