Saturday, January 24, 2009


My markers - what a joy they are, I love all the different colors. They aren't expensive but actually they're for children. The colors are so amazing and it's so much fun to make a line over my journal page or a squiggle and see where it takes me.

Then there are my cookbooks. Mine, I'm sure like yours, grow more precious as the years go by. The first one, covered with rose fabric, is the Wyoming cookbook that Mother gave me. The other one covered with ratty paper is the one that I put my collection in of favorites. It's not terribly organized even though I try all the time. Recipes just seem to get stuffed in there as I use them.

And this is Henry, he's my mascot of sorts, him and Rascal. He guards my shelf of put together inspirations in my art room. Someday he may go to Paris with my computer bird but right now he's content to sit there and take watch over things.
God bless you, Diane


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Love your new blog look and colors, Diane. This ole woman can read your posts easier now. I don't really have eye problems although I use reading glasses (from Walgreen's). BUT--I struggle with some blogs when people write small and the colors are dark. Guess I'm getting old!!! Anyhow--I like the new look on yours!!!

I too have some of my mother's cookbooks. Very Special!!!!

Enjoy your markers.. I use a yellow highlighter sometimes --but haven't used markers in a long time. Sounds like fun!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Neat shots.Markers and pens always intriqued me.And cookbooks,well let's just say I don't cook as well as my cookbook collection would indicate.

Toni said...

Now what would we do without our markers. Diane you might want to consider putting together a collection of your favorite recipes using Tastebook. I did for my boys and me and we love it.

Laurie said...

Hi Diane, I love your cookbook collection, the covered one you have for your favorites reminds me of Moms. They all end up crammed in there, but it's always fun to go through and copy the recipes for our own use. Thanks for pleasant memories!

andrea said...

Delightful! And I think my Joy of Cooking is in about the same shape! My mother had an old green cloth Betty Crocker cookbook. Wyoming is one of those places I've often longed to visit.