Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy 2006

I hope I didn't confuse you too much but I had to remove my last 3 days of posting. I hope all of you have a joyful, abundant, beautiful, and peaceful new year. God bless you, Diane


Jill said...

Happy New Year Diane! I think I may have an understanding of why you removed them :)
I hope 2009 brings you much joy and happiness.

Jill said...

Oops Diane......I just noticed you put Happy 2006 instead of 2009.....hey I am 3 years younger now,lol.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Diane, Happy New Year to you too. Why did you remove your wonderful daughter posts???? I feature my family and friends constantly and have never had a problem.. But--that's just me!!! I'm VERY trustworthy.

Happy 2009.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Guess I am somewhat confused,but that's pretty normal.LOL hope the New Year brings much joy your way.

Laurie said...

I'm sorry to hear that Diane, they were beautiful posts, I really enjoyed getting to know your family.