Sunday, January 4, 2009

An Explanation

My sudden deletion of three of my blogs deserves an explanation because you're important to me and I don't want to leave you in the dark.

First I try to follow where the Lord leads me in everything I do, I never intentionally make a mean choice and I wasn't then either. My intention was to introduce you to my three birth daughters, the ones that I carried for nine months underneath my heart. My mistake was in calling my title My Family as I have more family than the three girls. My husband and I were married after his daughter and my 3 were grown. We've tried to blend them the best we could. I was thinking this morning about another blogger who ended up in a similar position only it had to do with politics. I decided that when it comes to family, I really do have to consider everyone concerned to make sure no one is hurt.
I really wish I hadn't deleted them in haste because I really did want to share them with you.

Thanks for your kindness and love and understanding. I'm so glad that you're part of my family too. God bless you, Diane


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

It is so good to hear of someone who tries to follow the Lord's leading.Keep the faith.I very much enjoy my visits to your blog.

Z said...

You have the kindest heart. I'm sure the rest of your family wouldn't have taken it the wrong way, but as it was your instinct to delete the posts, best to go with that at the time. You can always put up more family photos, if everyone is comfortable with that, later. I was glad to be introduced to your daughters, anyway.

Laurie said...

Blessings to you too, Diane, that's what's so great about this form of communication, we support eachother even though we've never met. What a comfort to all of us.

Jill said...

Diane,your intentions were good and sometimes we get carried away when we blog.
I love your photo here today, I actually have one similar to that.
Have a great day.

Jayne said...

Your intentions were pure, and we enjoyed getting to know the ones you carried. :c) XOXO