Saturday, December 6, 2008

Froth and Fantasy

This isn't my ornament. It was on one of the gorgeously decorated trees at a holiday open house we went to today. It is a mansion that was the finest home in this town for many years and is now a museum. This tree was decorated, among other beautiful ornaments, with photos of family members, relatives and children who lived in the home. I thought this bride was particularly wonderful.

This little girl's room was my favorite. I love all the pink and the pink Christmas tree. Can you imagine having a room like this when you were a little girl? I can. I didn't have a room like that, we were poverty level. I guess that's why I absolutely adore this kind of thing now.

God bless you, Diane


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

If only I were a little girl again and could have a room like that.A room fit for a princess.My childhood room was veryplain but had everything I needed,including the love of my parents.That truely is a wonderful memory.

Laurie said...

Wow Diane, I love the idea of putting the old pictures on the tree as ornaments. What a great idea. I was trying to think of something to put on either side of a wreath I got at the bazaar today, (a great $3 find!) and I think that my grand parents wedding pictures done this way would be perfect, as they fit the old fashioned theme the wreath and my setting below it. Thank-you for sharing. And the pink bedroom? Beautiful! If only I were a little girl again!

Jayne said...

What a beautiful bride on that ornament. And, yes, every little girl would dream of having a room like that! :c)

Toni said...

Well your blog is all decked out for the holidays. Love the banner.
I was raised in a housing project so no dream rooms like this for me either. But my sisters and brothers and I sure had fun.

SweetAnnee said...

Oh what a delightful home.
thanks for sharing the pictures
I want a room like that

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Diane, What a gorgeous museum.. I love it when a town/community saves its old homes and turns them into museums. In my small town in VA, there is a museum with so much great history of the area. It's fun to go there when I go back 'home.'

Lisa Renéa said...

Diane--ah, I have to say your blog has lifted my spirits, today. You always have such interesting photos & posts!
I would have loved a room like this! A girl could really dream of the sugar plum fairies, here!