Friday, November 21, 2008


Today we had a short visit from my niece and her husband and four delightful children. They're home schooled and they are just so sincere and sweet. They're a delight. It must take a lot to raise children to be so loving and kind and caring but my niece and her husband make is seem effortless, almost as if they bring out the best in them. It was a fun day, we look forward to seeing them again. While they were here we took a walk around the block hoping for them to be able to see the wild turkeys. They weren't disappointed, the turkeys obligingly made an appearance.

God bless you, Diane


Laurie said...

What a great picture Diane, so close! Your family sounds really nice, kids that are down to earth and well behaved are getting rare. It's all in the upbringing. Blessings to all of you!

Jayne said...

That's great that they'll just waddle around in people's yards like that! Glad they weren't disappointed. Have a great day Diane.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

How neat to have your niece and family visit!!! I know you enjoyed that --and glad the turkeys performed!!!! (Did you pay them well???? ha)

I would never have had the patience to home-school my 3 sons ---but I've noticed that home-schooled children are generally better-behaved than others. Kudos to your niece!!!

SweetAnnee said...

Love your pocs..The turkeys rock
Happy Thanksgiving my friend
enjoy, Deena