Wednesday, November 26, 2008


It's all relative. First I'm thinking about Thanksgiving in reservations at the local Holiday Inn, it will be nice to not cook, just get dressed, primp, and go. Will there be a crowd? Will the food be good as usual? In the meantime be sure and hold Thanksgiving in my heart about what it really is.
Then the phone call comes. There's been a shooting at the hospital in Soldotna, Alaska where my son-in-law works. Facts are sketchy. On the internet I find that one man has died, the shooter is in the emergency room, the other person who was shot is still holding on. Then I find out that the shooter has died, too. My daughter has not heard from her husband, no word. He's probably working frantically in the emergency room, he's a doctor of anesthesiology. Finally she gets a cursive call from him, he's O.K. but it's pandemonium at the hospital. Crime scene, the shooter really shot up the inside of the building while he was on the rampage. Now it's a crime scene, blood, police. Apparently the shooter was fired yesterday. I still don't have all the facts. I do know one thing. I'm just so grateful that my son-in-law is alive and that they're safe.
You never know what the day will bring when you kiss them goodby (or they kiss you) in the morning. Never take anything for granted. And always be thankful, even if it isn't Thanksgiving. God bless you, Diane


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Not a good scene except that your family is o.k.

Laurie said...

My gosh Diane, Thank God your son-in-law is ok, my prayers go in Thanksgiving for this, and to the family that lost their loved one, I pray for comfort and strenth.
Blessings and enjoy your holiday,

Jayne said...

Oh Diane.... I was holding my breath as I read this post. How horrible. So glad that your SIL is OK, though I am sure the community will need time to come to grips with the sadness of it all. Indeed, we need to always count our blessings...

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Scary, Diane... Glad things worked out for your son-in-law.. You are right--we never need to take anything for granted. We need to live today to its fullest not knowing what tomorrow will bring. Happy Thanksgiving! I know you feel especially thankful today.

Jill said...

I am so glad your son in law is fine. I can't imagine what it must have been like for your daughter. You truly have this to be thankful for today.
Happy Thanksgiving Diane.

Z said...

Thinking about the families of the person who died and the one who is injured. So glad it isn't your family. All good wishes for Thanksgiving.

Toni said...

Diane wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving and then read this post. So yes always be thankful. Sending you blessings.