Saturday, November 1, 2008


I ran by the mansion to see if I could get any nice fall pictures. Nothing really jumped out at me except these late October fall asters. Aren't they brilliant?
Don't forget to set your clock back tonight. We can all use an extra hour's sleep, heaven!
Last night after the little guys around our neighborhood were brought around by their parents and it was starting to quiet down, four very tall boys came running up our front steps with bags for candy. They wore the most terrifying masks you can imagine and I felt a little weird even treating them like trick-or-treaters. They had a car parked up the street and they were bounding from one house to another and then across the street. I had enough. The front light went out and Halloween was over at our house.
Hope you're having a wonderful weekend. God bless you, Diane

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Jayne said...

I feel the same way about all the older trick or treaters Diane. One year this big kid tried to take a fistful of candy and I had to put my hand on his and say, "Uh, excuse me... please take just a couple of pieces." He was with his little brother who then did as I asked. As they were leaving the porch, the older one whipped around, reached his hand out, and grabbed as much as he could, laughing at me as he ran down the sidewalk. It almost make me not want to even try anymore.