Monday, October 6, 2008


The fields are harvested and bare,

and winter whistles through the square.

October dresses in flame and gold

like a woman afraid of growing old.

-Anne Mary Lawler

This has been a perfectly beautiful
day, a great day to get out and clean
out my flower beds. I got some done
but I still have another day. That's fine because they're predicting cold (45 degrees) for this Saturday and Sunday.

Hope you're riding this election mess out. It's getting so disheartening, instead of talking about issues Sarah Palin is just telling awful lies about Barack. It's so mean. I hope he can rise above it like he has so far.

God bless you, Diane


Jayne said...

We're busy doing fall maintenance things too this week as we both took the week off for Sam's fall break.Loe the poem by Anne Mary. :c)

kathy mccreedy said...

Good morning, Diane! Thank you for your kind comments about our new baby, Lily... I'm quite in love! I love the poem you posted about autumn... and I agree, I am distraught by this whole election mess, coupled w/the financial mess, all the finger pointing, etc. I'm pretty sure Mr. Obama can rise above this... he is one classy guy!