Wednesday, October 22, 2008

His Majesty

This bull elk lives a couple blocks away from our house in the city park. My name for him is His Majesty because that's the only thing he is. He's surrounded by a harem of cow elk who seem to think the same thing. In the evening in the fall you can hear his eerie bugle. It sounds so primitive, as old as time itself. It's a wild sound, a sound you might hear when you're sitting around a campfire, with the dark closing in around you. I love to hear the sound of the elk bugling. His Majesty is kind of a baby. He begs passers by for apples and although people aren't supposed to feed them, you can tell they do because he and his harem come over to the fence when you walk by. The females and young ones make an interesting sound too, kind of a whistle or bleating. I wish I could share them with all of you.

God bless you, Diane


Laurie said...

Fascinating Diane! You really bring Wyoming to life.

Jayne said...

What a beautiful image with the sky in the background Diane. :c)

Lisa Renéa said...

Oh, he is regal! What a beautiful, yet strong looking creature! I can only imagine tossing him an apple! Thanks for sharing this!

*Thank you too, for supporting our heroes! Truly blessed my day, knowing I inspired someone!!

SweetAnnee said...

thank you for sharing..they are wonderous
We saw some in Estes Park, co
last time I came to WY
I so respect the nature of all our
wonderful BEASTS!~~


Name: Amanda said...

These are BEAUTIFUL images! Wow, thanks for sharing His Majesty and his harem. Love, Bean