Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

I feel a little wierd about Halloween. As a Christian and knowing what it is, I'm put off by the celebration of ghosts and spirits and witches.

However, the nostalgia of trick or treating, making our own costumes, looking through one eye-hole of a too big mask, the smell of candles and papier mache pumpkins and the sweet 1940's (so I date myself) cats makes me look forward to the holiday. I also look back at when my girls were children and Halloween was a big thing for them.

The little children dressed in kitty costumes and little pumpkins and spacemen and princesses are so excited that it's hard not to enjoy the whole thing. Adults enjoy it even more than children. This morning at the grocery store a witch was at the dairy case selecting creamer when I was and a doctor bagged up my groceries. It's a fun time and it only comes once a year and I'm sorry to say I enjoy it! God bless you, Diane

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Laurie said...

No need to be sorry, Diane, I feel the same way! The kids were adorable,and all that candy. Sugar high kids for the next month!