Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Purple Robins

The grapes are ready, I usually just leave them for the birds. They enjoy them so much now and all through the winter. Right now the robins are having a grape orgy. Looking out this morning they were chuckling and chirping and flying in and out of the grapes enjoying their early morning imbibing. I've truly seen them get goofy (drunk?) on them. I've also noticed something else very curious. When they're into the grapes they have a pale purplish color, yes, the robins! They seem to be a completely different color! If I can photograph one, I will. Just thought I'd throw that out and see if anyone else has observed this. Hope you've had a wonderful day, God bless you, Diane


Jayne said...

Huh, I've never heard that Diane, but suppose it could certainly be related to the grape intake. Hope you can get a photo. :c)

Sherry said...

So happy that you visited me today's always nice to meet someone new!

I'm with you -- leaving the grapes for the birds but I have to admit I've never noticed the robins changing colour when they do -- I'll be looking for that! Isn't nature amazing?

Jill said...

Sure hope you can get a photo of the purple robins....are you sure you aren't into that fermented juice, haha!
Today here it's rain, rain go away!