Tuesday, September 9, 2008

He's My Friend

Out walking with Rascal a few days ago and I stopped to talk to one of my neighbors. She ended the conversation by saying, "Well, Diane, sometime when you don't have your little dog with you, come and see the inside of my house". I just muttered an O.K. and went on my way but I was bristling inside. First of all, this is a woman who keeps her little dog in a pen out in back and tells me that she brings him in when its below 0. I don't believe her especially after that remark. Secondly, I wouldn't bring him into someone else's home unless he was invited. And third, my little guy goes everywhere with me. He's my little shadow. I find his company way more companionable than a lot of people. Maybe I'm off base but that's the way I feel. He's my friend!!! God bless you, Diane

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Jayne said...

I've never understood people who have a pet that stays outside. As if it's any part of the family? I agree with you totally Diane. Have a great day!