Thursday, August 7, 2008

Summer Baking

In spite of air conditioning, our little house is easily heated up when it's so hot. I've put my foot down to cooking supper on the stove so we have devised different methods of preparing food and staying cool.
My husband repairs appliances and he has a little treasury in his shop, so he brings this little stove out into the driveway for roasts and baked chicken.
Trying to use up the raspberries I got the other day I decided to make a pie so it worked out slick to bake it outside.
As my daughter Catherine said once (when we baked a pizza that way) "If you cook your supper in a stove in the might be a redneck". Oh, well, it works.
God bless you, Diane


Jayne said...

LOL Diane! I love your ingenuity! That's perfect. No need to over heat the house when you can cook outside. Heck, just consider it a "grill" of sorts! Have a great weekend! I am busy playing catch up today.

Rachel said...

ha, ha! I was thinking about the redneck joke also- we'll have to put that on our redneck joke list! What a great idea, I hope your enjoying summer!! Rachel