Thursday, August 28, 2008


Sometimes I like to go through the house taking pictures of different places. It gives me such a different perspective seeing it through the eye of the camera. What seems just right to me shows the paint chipped places, something out of place or opposite - the beautiful glow of the light that I never notice with my naked eye.

Sometimes what I think is pretty really is! Like the top of this bookcase in my bedroom. The picture of the little boys (I call it the bin farmin long? picture) is of my husband-the smallest and his brother.

Today I finished a Christmas gift. It took me two days and I'm sorry I can't show it to you because it would give my secret away. It did turn out very nice, though. My nook is a wreck. Whenever I create things, and I have been doing a lot of that lately, I make an awful mess. I carefully put everything away between fits of creation but it doesn't stay clean. With Jennie on my mind and other problems I find that the best way to deal with it is to bury myself in my nook and make things. I'm so glad I have this that I can do.

This evening we were blessed with a visit from a childhood friend of my youngest daughter. She just had her first child in July and came by to see us and introduce us to Katie Elizabeth. Very nice time. She's the one I made the little baby shoe pincushion for as well as a Mother Goose book for Katie. Rascal couldn't get enough of the baby. God's blessings on you, Diane

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Jayne said...

What a sweet photo Diane. :c) Christmas gifts? You are waaay ahead of me girl!