Thursday, August 21, 2008


II seem to have created a perfect heaven for wasps around here. They swim in my pool (birdbath), dine on our grapes, lettuce, flowers, apples and hollyhocks. My husband is terrified of bees and wasps so he comes running in the house saying one was chasing him or dive bombing him. So he gets his trusty poison and attacks anything that moves. Then he asks me to go out and see if the coast is clear!!!!!! In my wisdom I tell him that if he just doesn't act scared they won't bother him. "You know, when you're scared you put out chemicals that they can smell a mile away. Just leave them alone and they'll leave you alone."

Sunday night I took Rascal for a walk and somehow one or two got wedged between my foot and shoe and I really got stung. My foot swelled up so much it looked like it would pop. The itching was incredible. I started taking benadryl and putting cortizone cream on it and it's starting to return to normal. Now I can see that I didn't get one sting but FOUR! Do you think there's some kind of lesson here? God bless you, Diane


Jayne said...

Ouch indeed Diane! Those can really hurt like the dickens. Glad it's feeling some better. :c)

Name: Amanda said...

Sorry, that smarts!
You were still right in not putting out nasty chemicals. The wasps have a job here on earth too. Even if that job is in your shoe.
Love you, Bean