Tuesday, August 19, 2008


When Rascal was a puppy trying to take him anywhere, in the car, in a backpack, on his leash was an ordeal. He screamed bloody murder like he was being tortured. He screamed when we held him, he screamed when we put him down. He must have come from a terrible place. I think he was taken from his mother before he was old enough. I had an awful time trying to get him to ride in the car with me.

Then one day he and I were between Buffalo and home and we got caught in a monster hailstorm. He scooted over onto my lap and snuggled there until we got home. After that, he was
my partner, my co-pilot. Whenever I leave the house he wants to be with me. It's a big treat when he gets to go with my husband in his pickup, too. Our world would be so empty without him now.

Here's a picture of him when he was about 2 months old. God Bless You, Diane


Jayne said...

Our puppy used to whine and whimper every time we got into the car. I always wondered what on earth that was all about. Glad Rascal became a good rider!

Name: Amanda said...

I am copying this photo to my computer if you don't mind (the puppy pic). He is SOOOOO cute! He's such a great traveler now - what a drastic change. Love you, Bean

Laurie said...

Hi Diane, He is adorable! I feel the same you about my pom, he has offered so much to our little world!
Blessings, Laurie