Friday, August 22, 2008

Bliss, Dragonfly and The Rose

Driving down the street and needing a little brightness in my life I ended up following a van with a bumper sticker that said FOLLOW YOUR BLISS. Thanks God! Later on I got one of those pass along messages from a friend that was about living your life to the fullest and ended up with Bette Middler's The Rose. Both of those were uppers. Later I went into the yard to turn on the water and there was this dragonfly perched on the end of a dried up tiger lily stem. I held my breath, ran into the house, grabbed my camera and he was still there when I came out! Sometimes wonderful things happen but you just have to look for them. Sometimes you grasp at straws! God bless you, Diane

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Jayne said...

I prefer to see my glass as always half full too Diane. Have a beautiful weekend!