Saturday, July 26, 2008

Too Much

Sometimes you wish you could just devote more time to thinking about a situation. You know what I mean, you just want to go in a room alone and give this certain situation the proper time and thought. However too many other things are happening and you just have to put it away until you can. Everything happens at once. We were expecting Leonard's daughter and her husband and the new baby around 5:00 p.m for supper. Rascal never saw a tiny human being before and let out a war whoop every time he looked at Lily. Then the phone rang, bad news about one of my sisters from my other sister. We wanted to spend quality time with Rose and Don and enjoy a lovely supper with them. Later, I thought about Jennie.

My sister, Jennie, is in the hospital with problems with her liver and kidneys. She did not recognize Patsy. I'm so thankful that Patsy is near her because the hospital is across the mountains and quite a drive. I just want peace to think and pray about her. God bless you, Diane

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Jayne said...

Oh Diane, I am so sorry. I will be thinking of your sister and your family.