Saturday, July 5, 2008

A Fun Saturday Morning

We're such homebodies that we seldom attend many activities - we've been outside our home for so long that's usually our favorite place to be. Today, however, we went downtown to see the classic car show. We both like old cars, my husband more than me. There must have been over a hundred cars stretching all the way up the street and back. We hadn't seen all of the new art on main street either so we had a fun morning looking at all of it. After we had walked up and down the street we stopped at my neighbor's little smoothie shop, Tumbleweeds, and treated ourselves to a peach smoothie. It was fun for a change.
The title of the sculpture is JOY. Isn't it pretty.
There are a lot of sculptures on main street and on the mall, full sized elk, cattlemen, outlaws, modern art, otters, dogs, Indians, and my personal favorite, a baby rhinoceros - full sized. The art is something that I really like that they're doing in the town. Many of the pieces are loaned by the artists for a certain period of time so they change. I just hope the rhineroceros stays for a long time.

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Jayne said...

How fun Diane! I LOVE that sculpture and JOY is just the perfect name for it. :c) Have a wonderful day!