Saturday, June 14, 2008

Old War Horses

On our trip over the mountains the other day we had to go through Greybull, Wyoming where I got a chance to take some pictures of these fabulous old planes. Up until recently Hawkins & Powers had a thriving business of aerial firefighting. They would buy up these old bombers, cargo planes and, I suppose, passenger planes and convert them into slurry bombers to fight forest fires. Then in 2002 there were 2 disasters where the planes crashed during firefighting operations and they were grounded by the government until the cause could be determined. Metal stress was suspected. Because of the grounding of the planes, they began to go in the
hole and before long they had to liquidate these old planes. These are some that apparently haven't been sold yet. My husband was kind enough to drive in and let me get some pictures. A sad end to such beautiful old machines.
Have a great weekend,
God bless you, Diane


Jayne said...

It is sort of sad, isn't it? A shame that they can't be used for something.

wolfqueen2 said...

They are beautiful planes. To many wonderful things dissapear in this world. I wanted to say I felt very comfortable here in your blog. Pleas feel free to stop by mine some time.