Sunday, June 29, 2008

Every time we get home I say secretly or not so secretly that I never want to go anywhere very far away again. Unfortunately Wyoming is very sparsely populated and all four of our daughters live somewhere else, mine are even farther away. Our families are spread all over the state. So it seems like I have to leave home even if I don't want to. But they're worth it. They all have to travel the same distance to see us, too.

Even so it's wonderful to be home and I relish every little inch of it.

Today my husband sat out in my little cottage with me for a while just soaking it all in. I think he's glad to be home, too. Only he was thinking it would be better if it had insulation, a tv, maybe a clock. Looked to him like the door was a little crooked. That's the way he enjoys things.

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