Sunday, June 8, 2008

Calling Them Up

"Shall I go and call them up, -
Snowdrop, daisy, buttercup?"
Lisped the rain; "they've had a pleasant winter's nap."
Lightly to their doors it crept,
Listened while they soundly slept,
Gently woke them with its rap-tap-a-tap!
Quickly woke them with its rap-tap-a -tap!

Soon their windows opened wide,
Everything astir inside;
Shining heads came peeping out, in frill and cap;
"It was kind of you, dear Rain,"
Laughed they all, "to come again;
We were waiting for your rap-a-tap-a-tap!
Only waiting for your rap-a-tap-a-tap!"
G. C. - Poems for the Very Young Child

God Bless You, Diane

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