Monday, May 5, 2008

A Quiet Place

I go out into my little cottage to think and meditate but I usually end up moving things around and enjoying all the little treasures I have in there, my gardening books, decorating magazines, and mementos. It smells good because I keep all of my dried flowers and herbs for potpourri. It's just so sweet and wonderful. Yesterday, however, I sat there and was quiet, just quiet. It felt so good to just let the quiet and God's voice catch up with me.

Sometimes, though, I have trouble beating Rascal to the good chair.........................
Till next time,
God bless you,



Jayne said...

What a lovely place Diane. A wonderful escape to slow down, breathe and as you said let God's voice catch up.

Pearl said...

I love your little cottage. I want one and have been dreaming of one for quite awhile. Someday :)