Thursday, May 15, 2008

Murphy's Law?

If you'll notice the picture of me I have a beautiful pink poinsettia. I got it a few weeks before Christmas and enjoyed it until after Easter. It was still pretty when I put it out in my little cottage. I can't kill poinsettias. They last, and last and last.

So when a neighbor asked me the other day if I would take care of her Christmas poinsettia while they were gone to California for 10 days I said "sure". It was very wet when she brought it over but I sat it in the window. They were gone barely 2 days and the leaves started falling..........and falling...................and falling. By the time they got back home there was nothing left of her plant but a stick! If nothing can go wrong, something will!
Until next time,
God bless you,

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Jayne said...

EEEK! Sounds like my luck! Oh, my. Was she upset? They are funny, funny plants in terms of where they like to be for sure.