Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Empty Nest

My chicks have all flown back to their individual lives in other places. It seems that whenever I have them for a little while I revert back to the mother who wants to keep her children forever and never let them go. It takes a few days and some tears before I can recover my own peace of mind with myself and my own life now. Do you feel that way, too? It was so wonderful to have them for a while and now I'll just have to keep them in my heart.
Until next time,
God bless you,


Jayne said...

Well, as the old saying goes... the two most important things we can give our kids are roots... and wings. I am sure it's hard to see them go, which makes the time when they are all there so much more special. Hugs Diane. :c)

rohit said...

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keep it up in forward direction

god bless you