Thursday, May 1, 2008

Ding.... Dong........

HAPPY MAY DAY!!! Don't you miss the old custom of May baskets? I do. My mother always loved to keep holidays and May Day was no exception. We would usually make little May baskets out of muffin papers or paper cones and pipe cleaners and ribbons. We'd fill them with little candies and whatever flowers we could find to pick. Then my sister and I would sneak up to our friend's doors and hang one on the doorknob. At that time fear would overtake us and we'd would run like heck lest they catch up and kiss us. Mother would see that we took one to the elderly neighbors, too, and that always made us feel good. It was a lovely way to start the merry month of May. Hope you have a wonderful one.
Till next time,
God bless you,


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Jayne said...

I've never heard of the May Day baskets. What a sweet tradition when you were growing up. :c)