Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Chronos - Earthly time, Kairos - God's time

Chronos is earthly time, chronological and sequential. Marking the seconds, minutes, hours, days, centuries. It is ordered and predictable.
Kairos is God's time. Ethereal, hard to put into words, in fact it doesn't have a word to describe it in English.
I like kairos. I think it's the time when you lose yourself. Whether it be laying on your back watching clouds, watching the sunset, watching a comet, petting a cat, rocking a baby. Painting, losing yourself in whatever you're doing. It's losing yourself in the moment. Then coming back with a start because you slipped off of chronos into the melting love of God for awhile and forgot the time.
Have you ever given the two different kinds of time any thought? Maybe it's time you did.

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Jayne said...

What a beautiful post Diane. "The melting love of God..." Just a beautiful description.