Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Best Spot?

It was another rainy day and Rascal decided to drop out. I was folding clothes in the spare bedroom and he wanted to be with me. So he chose this pretty basket which is way.............too small for him. Somehow, however, he found a way to squeeze in.

Then when I got the camera I got "The look". He just makes me laugh.


Jayne said...

Rainy days are good for laundry, aren't they? Rascal is one smart guy!

wolfqueen2 said...

Rascal is so adorable. I have seen that look on all the faces of the animals we have here and my grandsons. Our 3 dogs and Phat our three-legged cat give those faces every time we reach for a camera too. He is so adorable I cannot take my eyes off of him.