Thursday, April 3, 2008

Snow Crocuses and Scrapbook

The little snow crocus are wide open today looking for the sun. They're the first thing to open in OUR yard in the spring. We tore out the garden where they were growing and are going to put that area in lawn. But they didn't care, they just came up the same as usual and cheered us, the same as every spring
Do you journal? Do you photo journal or art journal or play with pretty papers? One day I was reading through a magazine and I saw some little shelves in a kitchen and they had pretty paper behind them, like wallpaper. The article said that it came from a scrapbook store. So, wanting to try it I checked out our local scrapbook store and WOW...... life changed. I don't know if I journal to journal or to create with paper but I do know that it's a blast. Sadly, our store closed so I have to wait for a trip to Billings to stock up. Stock up? No, I just want to see what's new. Happy glueing and taping till next time.
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