Friday, April 18, 2008


I tried to express some of the feelings I have for the two people who made such a difference in my life, my Grandpa and Grandma Sullivan. Grandma had a huge garden and sold much of her produce to some of the restaurants in town. Grandpa was a gentle soul who always had time for children. He always had paper and pencils to encourage me to draw. He was a carpenter by trade and kept bees. He sold a lot of honey during the war when sugar was rationed. There's a picture here of him at some of his beehives and the little girls are my sister and I in a very small part of Grandma's garden. (I'm amazed at the detail that old camera picked up in the garden. The flowers are alive in the picture.) She loved to garden, it really wasn't a choice then, it was something you did. I tagged along with her and she'd pull up a carrot for me and wipe the dirt off on her apron. Yummy! Whenever I'm down on my knees working in the dirt I can feel her presence. They have been gone a long time now but they are ever alive in my heart.

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