Sunday, April 6, 2008


Going through a magazine a few years ago I was stopped dead by a 2 page spread of an apartment that was so busy and so beautiful and so RED.

I looked around my house and decided that I have a very healthy dose of red, too, mostly in my kitchen. At one time I wanted to change the countertops and carpet. So I convinced my husband and then we started doing things backward (are we the only ones who do that?). Soon I had red fabric behind the washer & dryer and a red wall (not seen in this photo-it's where the black apron is hanging) and touches of red in the wallpaper on the doors. I realized that the boring beige colored countertop and the rag rug carpeting were a peaceful oasis for the eye. So what we set out to change stayed the same.
As Johnny Brown said about Molly Brown. "She LIKES red!!!"
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