Tuesday, April 22, 2008


This is a picture of my youngest daughter and me. We don't see each other often because she lives in Alaska but we're always close in heart as you can well imagine.
This last Sunday night I got a call from her. I said, "I was just thinking about you." She cried "You were? You were? I was just chased by a bear!" She was crying and panting so hard I could hardly understand her, I finally made out yes she was O.K. , yes her dogs are O.K. , yes her husband is O.K. Then I finally made out between sobbing and panting that she was at that time sitting in her car talking to me on her cell phone. She had been on a hike in the mountains and had encountered a grizzly bear with her cubs about 50 yards away.
The bear started running towards her and she took off screaming to the dogs to run! run! run! She didn't stop till some time later when she finally made it to the car and those blessed dogs were running right alongside her. She has a lab and a little dog. They adopted the little dog from a rescue situation only less than 2 months ago. They were still learning to bond. I guess that this was the turning point because he had no intention of leaving her.
As mothers we pray constantly for our children's safety and protection. My prayers were answered that day. I know the Lord protected my child.
Words fail you sometimes. Just to say I'm so glad she's alive sounds so feeble. My heart groans with joy.

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Jayne said...

Oh my! How harrowing! Glad all turned out well and that she can run to safety. Whew!