Wednesday, April 2, 2008


This seems to be one of those days that I talk to
many people in my family today for one reason
or another. After the 40 mile to my old home-
town to visit my mother in the nursing home, I
talked to my brother (on the rock) one sister
(above the border collie). I didn't talk to my
little sister (in the sunbonnet) yet but I will soon.
I love this picture of us in the mountains. I must
have been 11 at the time of this photo. My dad
loved the mountains and we spent many, many
hours bouncing around the mountain roads. Those times were precious. We always asked him where we were going and he always told us Soldier Park or Hunter Mesa or one of the other many places. Later I started thinking that he had just been keeping us amused with the old stories about lost mines and cabins, etc. Then later, when I was an adult, in reading books about this area I found that he wasn't making up stories. He KNEW all of this stuff.


Barbara said...

Congratulations Diane, so glad you decided to take the plunge into blogville.

Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

What a nice family photo and story!