Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Does the sight of these stamps make your fingers itch? Do you want to head to your little nook right now and start stamping and sticking and working with your papers? If so, you have the same sickness as I do. I'm so far behind time, however, that I ordered some beautiful bird stamps and when they came they were flat and see through and I couldn't figure out how I could even use them. On consultation with my much more savvy daughter, I did find out a few things. Turns out that these new ones are much more precise and easier to place when they are placed on an acrylic block - and they can be peeled off and the block used for another one..................they are an improvement I suppose but they make my old rubber stamps just that more endearing to me.
I did find somewhere on the net that a perfect way to store these acrylic stamps and keep them clean is to put them in cd cases. I have found a few at garage sales, took out the innards, washed them up and they work really great!
Help stamp out boredom!! Till next time, God Bless You, Diane

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