Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Bye, Bye Blackbird - Please

These blackbirds (or grackles) are making me crazy!! For some reason they've decided to take over our pine trees in front. They screech and gloat and spread their tail feathers and do everything they can to run off any other bird in what they consider their territory. We have a gentle pair of mourning doves which have taken up residence and I highly suspect the grackles are just waiting for the eggs so they can devour them! I know, I know it's nature but I don't like them. I want my trees to be full of singing beautiful birds, not gangsters. I don't appreciate waking up to the scratchy shrieks instead of the robin or the gentle dove. Even the little chickadee's seem to be steering clear of them. Until next time (when hopefully they'll be gone)
God Bless You,


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Jayne said...

Ugh... I feel your pain Diane. They can be such a nuisance. I hope they find other places to hang out. Have a great day!